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Pebble card printers



POWERFUL: One of the fastest high quality printer in the market

With its high quality resolution and printing speed, the Pebble 4 card printer matches top-of-the-range performances.

High graphic capacities

  • Pebble 4 comes with a 300 DPI print head selected for outstanding graphics and image definition

  • A ‘Color Profile’ feature provides the user with a color matching filter which prints colors similar to those displayed on the screen.

High speed card issuance

  • With a real print speed of 150 cards/hour in color and 1000 cards/hour in monochrome, Pebble 4 shows premium performances in its category.

  • The printer is loaded with a 16MB memory for optimized operations.

USER-ORIENTED DESIGN: Easy to install, monitor and operate!

Both the printer and the software have been designed with user needs in mind.

Ease of use

  • Windows & Mac driver as well as the setup process have been designed for an intuitive installation.

  • Clamshell opening to speed and ease any operation or maintenance task such as ribbon installation, cleaning, and card thickness adjustment. User operates the service by themselves on a daily basis, which minimizes downtime.

Advanced Design

  • Detachable card feeder: you can stock several feeders with different card background themes and/or thicknesses, or you can enforce printing continuity by simply replacing an empty feeder by a full one.

  • Pebble4 Essential is available in two colors (ocean blue or fire red) which make it the best choice to personalize any work environment.

  • Compact and light, Pebble 4 can be used almost anywhere and can be transported easily thanks to its dedicated travel bag or case

VERSATILE AND SCALABLE: Customize your Pebble 4!

As card printing needs get versatile over time, several options are available to enhance connectivity or get multiple encoding options. Pebble 4 is ready to be customized!

USB, Ethernet Port & Enhancements available

  • USB and Ethernet TCP-IP port available as standard.

  • A manual feeder is on hand as an option to turn the printer into an elegant over-the-counter display that prints badges, card by card.


Advanced Encoding options

To support all requirements, from access control badges to payment cards, Pebble 4 can be fitted with multiple encoders: from magnetic stripes to contact or contactless smart cards (125KHz, 13.56 MHz and even UHF technologies). This encoding offer is regularly updated to give you the latest innovations on the market.

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