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Patrol System

The Patrol System Application solutions

I. Introduction

ADEL patrol system is composed of data collector, address patrol, data processor, system management software, and names button. Not only ensure the service quality and efficiency of security guard, but also keep reliable record for performance assessment in the future

System features:

A. Stable performance: using US Dallas digital technology and industrial-grade chips, epoxy encapsulated according to military standard in order to enhance the level of stability and reliability. It has obtained national patent, and passed through national level explosion-proof certification.

B. Durable: both data collector and address patrol are made by integrated stainless steel structure, easy to carry, handy and solid. Thanks to aerospace technology which make it more power saving.

C. Installation, simple operation: no wiring need and patrol locations can be changed any time. The security guard only need to use the data collector to touch on the address Patrol, date and time is recorded without unnecessary procedure.

D. Extreme environmental adaptability: internal epoxy sealed design according to the military standard which make it waterproof, shock-proof, dust-proof, anti-magnetic, anti-static, anti-corrosion, anti-sabotage and can withstand working under low temperature (-40 ℃), high temperature (+80 ℃), which is the highest standards required in the industry.

E. Information storage capacity: can storage up to 4,000 detailed information.

F. Information security protection: the system has password security measures, which can effectively prevent the data obtained be rewritten in purposes.

G. Report generation: Easy queries, convenient statistics and records print; user can set up an inspection plan according to characteristics and requirements. Or generate inspection plan automatically which contains the name of the inspection personnel, equipment number and state (normal, early, late, missed) records. Easy management for inquiry, statistics and records print. Simple and convenient.

Patrol system

II. System composed of

1. Data collector (Patrol rods):full stainless steel shell, built-in LSI, industrial grade electronic components, military standard epoxy package, anti-electromagnetic field. Handheld by inspection personnel, used to collect inspection information. Operating voltage: 2.7v ~ 3.6v Weight: 274g Volume: ф40X28X135mm

Patrol system

2. Address patrol (inspection point) stainless steel packed chip, no power, wiring or installation needed, user can set inspection point in each incident-prone route. Weight: 50g Volume: ф40 x 16mm

Patrol system

3. Names button stored patrol officers’ personal information. The patrol officers touch their name button on patrol rods pre-job daily, means the patrol officers began to work, all the information recorded in this name hereafter.

Patrol system

4. Data processor (controller) provides communication between the information collection and computer for system setup and data transmission. Volume: 155 × 98 × 55mm Weight: 210g

Patrol system

5. System software

Microsoft SQL Server database, data capacity, high security, easy management; multi-level designed system database, user can manage eah of them independently.

Achieve single or network operation via LAN;

Variety of reports, including raw data, integrated query, data analysis, statistics, history tracking...etc, convenient and practical;

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