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Mifare Card Hotel Locks

A90 Mifare card hotel door lock system solutions

I. Introduction

ADEL hotel lock management system is supported by SQL Server for data management, fit for large amount data storage, fast respond, user friendly interface system.

II. System components

1. Software

support both Simplified Chinese / Traditional Chinese / English, support multiple computers networked and card issuing, group card issuing function, old card replacing function, lost & damage function, extracting opening records, passage management, 14 different functional cards available, 28 kinds of operating authority, you can set different operating authority according to practical needs. This system applied to both ordinary hotel, economy hotel chains, and five-star hotels.


ADEL hotel lock management software interface oriented hotel management software developers and secondary development interface or data exchange interface protocol, they can be divided into the following criteria according to different use transmission medium: DLL (dynamic link library) outside the application interface, including Fidelio interface, File interface, Socket interface, PMS-VC interface;

2. Lock

3. Accessories

Encoder: issue / read / extract data / client’s information enquiry..etc

Query card: extract door unlocking record, even unlock by mechanical key


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Energy saving switch: power on when card plug in.

4. Additional product

Access control: support up to 15 passages, authorization according to different card types and floors, e.g.: back door, swimming pool, car park…etc

Elevator controller: single floor model / multi-floor model available, authorization according to different card types and floors.

Fingerprint safebox: no set up / delete procedure needed

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