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Magnetic + MF dual lock

A95 Magnetic + MF dual card hotel door lock system solutions


The system is suitable for high-end hotels or intelligent hotel, supported by SQL Server for data management, fit for large amount data storage, fast respond, user friendly interface system. Support both Simplified Chinese / Traditional Chinese / English, support multiple computers networked and card issuing, group card issuing function, old card replacing function, lost & damage function, 5 kinds PMS interface available, extracting opening records, passage management, 14 different functional cards available, 28 kinds of operating authority, you can set different operating authority according to practical needs. Unlock record checking. Both Mifare card / Magnetic card available.

Advantages of Magnetic card:

  • Improve service level with low costs

  • Economic and affordable souvenir to enhance customer satisfaction

  • Beautifully printed card with hotel’s pattern, the best promotional material

  • One-time use card make guests feel convenient and hygienic.

Advantages of Mifare card:

  • Netherlands PHILIPS Mifare-1 card, global standardized, high security level, high capacity, high-frequency card, fast reaction time, and reusable.

  • ADEL Mifare-1 card, 16 partitions encrypted data and operate independently for each other. It can be further extended by software developer to achieve “one card access / payment system”, e.g.: door lock, attendance, dining, entertainment, payment, access / passage control, parking, and other functions.

ADEL 1008 type (magnetic + MF card) dual card lock


A95 software support both Simplified Chinese / Traditional Chinese / English, support up to 11 different names channels, 14 different card types and 28 kinds of operational authority. Different authority can be given to staffs in same position according to practical needs, support multiple computers networked and card issuing. Card encoding & reading information can be offered if software developers need such information to build one card access / payment system.


ADEL hotel lock management software interface oriented hotel management software developers and secondary development interface or data exchange interface protocol, they can be divided into the following criteria according to different use transmission medium: DLL (dynamic link library) outside the application interface, including Fidelio interface, File interface, Socket interface, PMS-VC interface;


Mifare card (customized printing by order)

Magnetic card

ADEL Mifare card encoder with USB

Magnetic card encoder (automatic)

Magnetic card issuing machine (manual)

Energy saving switch

Additional product:

Access control Passage lock Elevator controller

Fingerprint safebox

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