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Fingerprint Safe Box

ADEL fingerprint safe box application

ADEL fingerprint safe box application

Debit Cards, Insurance Cards, Credit Cards…….Do you feel fearful when you bring your assets to live in hotel?

Jewelries, Bank Books, Marriage Certificate……Do you feel worry when the valuables keep in your house?

Documents, Confidential Mails, Files, Contracts…….Do you feel uncomfortableness as those confidential and privacy documents store in company?

ADEL CMYL Fingerprint Storage Box can help you to solve these problems. The unique technique on verification of fingerprints and operation makes the storage more reliable and secure. It is the best storage box to store the valuables in offices, home and hotels.

We have two types of ADEL fingerprint safe box for different customers:

1. Single fingerprint safe box is designed motels, hotels etc. Difference from the traditional password safe box, it is easy and convenience for people to use. User just only put finger on the sensor, it will collect and save automatically and lock the box also. When user put the finger on the sensor, the box will open and fingerprint will delete automatically.

2. Various fingerprints safe box is designed for home and office use, it is also fit for placing valuable or luxury goods inside the trunk also. Difference from the traditional password safe box, the fingerprint safe box can store 120 fingerprints and easy for self-manage. It is suitable for family, friends to use.

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