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ACTATEK Access Control &Time Attendance System

Offering keypad PIN (Password), Smart Card and biometric Fingerprint Authentication options, the ACTAtek combination unit is used in both security (access control) and workforce management applications.

  • Embedded Web server for easy access via any browser

  • Encrypted network communication

  • Optional built-in CMOS/Video camera for VDemo ideo Surveillance( system diagram)


The ACTAtek Combination Unit is one of the most popular choices for both access control (AC) and time & attendance (TA) applications. Ease-of-use, no software installation and easy network connection create a simple yet sophisticated enterprise-wide platform for many system level software applications.

By combining biometric fingerprint, RFID smartcard, pin (keypad) and a CMOS camera, IT manager, security director and HR are able to select multiple way for users to authenticate for both AC and TA. A choice of smartcard readers is offered, enabling legacy card systems to be part of the new platform solution.

This unit is built for heavy use. An IP65 certified product operating over the extended temperature range, this unit will continue to deliver even in extreme weather conditions.

Time sheet

ACTAtek Time sheet solution consist an external card reader and the Time sheet software. It is an easy Plug-and-Play unit.The attendance report and wage summary of all employees are ready just with one click. It is compatible with other payroll software versions such as SAGE software, the well -known accounting and payroll software provider. With the ACTAtek Time sheet, you can improve the efficiency of employee management in a cost effective way.

"The cost-effective solution for Time Attendance"--ACTAtek Time sheet.

ACTAtek Access Control

Door access is a critical function of all facilities, whether the purpose is security or safety the need to know who is trying to gain entry or exit from a facility is becoming more important in all businesses.

A key element of all authentication solutions is uniqueness – confirming the ID of the person attempting access or exit. Passwords are no longer considered secure – biometric authentication is now a prerequisite of many businesses. If biometric authentication is impractical due to the physical constraints/limitations or individual characteristics, then a record of the access event should be supported and recorded (for future verification when needed) with visual images.

ACTAtek offers a complete solution for access control through a combination of authentication options, software configuration/review and hardware choices to ensure continuous communication and secure operation.

ACTAtek Access Control


The diagram above shows a complete Access Control solution that uses network/internet connectivity to deliver remote site control, monitoring and reporting. The embedded web-server feature in the ACTAtek unit allows simple browser access to any ACTAtek unit, anywhere in the world. User registration and access rights can be set via the browser or via the client/server application, ACTAtek TA.

ACTAtek provides all the essential control and infrastructure hardware options:


Comes in an enclosed light weight aluminum shell

power supply

The Secure External Relay is used along with the ACTAtek unit and provides an additional layer of security for access control systems. This Secure External Relay is connected to the ACTAtek unit via a encrypted serial link ensures that the door release mechanism cannot be operated directly. This means when someone tries to remove the ACTAtek device, the secure relay will continue to operate and keep the door mechanism locked against unauthorized access.


Electromagnetic (EM) Lock


The EM Lock comes with no mechanical parts but magnetic force to lock and unlock the doors.

It comes with up to 800 pounds holding force with jumper pin selectable for 12V or 24V DC dual input voltage and can be applied with access control and with a range of optional brackets, it can be installed on all types of door frames i.e. hollow, wooden and frame less glass door.


  • Voltage Tolerance: ±15%

  • Current Draw: 500mA@12Vdc, 250mA@24Vdc

  • (at temperature 20°C)

  • Magnetic bond sensor monitor output (EM-350M)

  • (SPDT rated 0.25A@12V DC), remotely monitors the door

  • lock or unlock status. (N.C. Output--Door opened; N.O.

  • Output--Door closed)

  • Operating Temperature: -10~55°C (14~131°F)

  • Humidity: 0~95% non-condensing.

  • Lock's surface Temperature (when the power is on):

  • <current temperature="" +20°c

  • Holding Force: Up to 800 lbs (363 Kg)

  • Dimensions:

  • Magnet:(L) 270, (W) 48, (D) 29 mm

  • Armature Plate:(L) 185, (W) 45, (D) 14 mm

  • Mounting Plate:(L) 268, (W) 45, (D) 11 mm

  • Special Finishes for magnet and armature plate: Zinc

  • Epoxy Potting Compound: E87252 (S), UL94V-0

  • Weight (Approx.): 3.0 Kg

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